Dragon’s Dogma Advance Mode Tutorial

  1. You will first need to create a Dragon’s Dogma save file. Insert the game and begin playing, creating your character, customizing him and going along until you beat the first tutorial boss. After you have done that, save your game and quit to go to the Sony Playstation XMB.
  2. Insert the Game Genie Flash Drive into the PS3.
  3. On the XMB, scroll over to the “Game” section, then up to “Saved Data Utility (PS3)” and press “X.”
  4. Once the Save Data Utility is open, scroll to the Dragon’s Dogma save file and press ‘TRIANGLE’.
  5. A sub menu will appear on the right hand screen, it will give you the option to ‘Copy’ and hit ‘X’.
  6. You will now be asked to ‘Select the destination’, scroll down and select ‘Game Genie’. If you have a different Dragon’s Dogma save file already on your Game Genie Flash Drive, the screen will ask if you wish to overwrite the save data. Select “Yes.” Your Dragon’s Dogma save file has now been copied to the Game Genie Flash Drive
  7. Unplug the Game Genie Flash Drive from your PS3, then plug it into your PC.
  8. Open your Game Genie program. Under “Game List” you should find your game save for Dragon’s Dogma.
  9. Right-Click your save file and click ‘Advanced Mode’. It may take a few seconds to load because of the size of the data
  10. Once loaded, you will find a display of a long line of codes. You will manipulate these codes to change certain stats and values in your game.
  11. Find the search box and type “mLevel” to bring up this line of code: <u8 name=”mLevel” value=”1″/>. This is the code for your character’s level. The max level in this game is 200, so simply change the “1” to “200” to get the max level.
  12. After changing your level, type “mExp” in the search box to find all these lines of code around each other that will looks something like this:
    <f32 name=”mHp” value=”99999.000000″/>
    <f32 name=”mHpMax” value=”100004.000000″/>
    <f32 name=”mHpMaxWhite” value=”99999.000000″/>
    <f32 name=”mStamina” value=”501.819275″/>
    <f32 name=”mStaminaBase” value=”560.000000″/>
    <f32 name=”mStaminaLv” value=”114.000000″/>
    <f32 name=”mBasicAttack” value=”100000.000000″/>
    <f32 name=”mBasicDefend” value=”100000.000000″/>
    <f32 name=”mBasicMgcAttack” value=”100000.000000″/>
    <f32 name=”mBasicMgcDefend” value=”100000.000000″/>
    <u32 name=”mExp” value=”680″/>
    Change the numerical values in quotations marks to 999999, or any value you want. With the maximum, you will be able to kill anything with one hit.
  13. To modify gold, in the search box type ‘mGold’, to find this line of code:
    <s32 name=”mGold” value=”99999999″/>
    Modify the numerical value in the quotation marks to 999999999 to obtain max gold.
  14. Once you have set the values to your liking, click ‘Apply’ on the bottom right of your Game Genie. The Game Genie may give you a prompt saying “Editing a Game Save may not work the first time.” Click “Yes.” It will take a few seconds to save.
  15. Once the game save is complete, eject the Game Genie Flash Drive from your PC and plug it back into the PS3.
  16. On your XMB scroll to “Game” and select “Saved Data Utility (PS3).” Scroll up in the save data utility and click “USB Device (Game Genie).”
  17. Scroll to Dragon’s Dogma and press “Triangle.” Then click “Copy.” You will be asked if you want to overwrite the existing file. Select “Yes.”
  18. Once the file has been overwritten, you may exit the XMB and begin playing Dragon’s Dogma with all of the applied cheats.


Click here to download the PDF.

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